The economics of anything, adaptive cycling included, dictates that innovation can only be sustained with sufficient income.  And if I have learned one thing over the life of this website, is that in adaptive cycling will never be described in any terms that remotely hint at one size fitting all.  Bike designs are as varied as the folks at the center of the designer’s inspiration.  Ipso Facto: If my involvement in adaptive cycling is to ever become anymore than a hobby, my range in the field has to expand.

So I looked again to the East.  This whole thing started for me when I first saw the Duet made in Germany.  The InterWeb immediately introduced me the European manufacturers like Hoening, Draisin, VanRaam who were building wonderful bikes that gave everyone the opportunity to take a bike ride. I’d wanted then to be a guy that makes that kind of good happen.  I still want to be that guy.

I have borrowed again from the Europeans. In the garage, I am putting the finishing touches on a design found online that I have enhanced.  I am excited by the prospects with this prototype. Photos will be posted and additional info published once the trike is completed.